Delphi For PHP v2.0.0.1041

Powerful database connectivity for building data-driven apps
Connectivity with databases MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and InterBase is seamless, and the integrated VCL for PHP component class library developers quickly and visually create PHP web applications and easily integrate PHP, JavaScript/AJAX open source code and components.
The only development solution with drag-and-drop visual design

Only Delphi for PHP provides both code and design views of PHP applications in the IDE. The design view of the application and enables the developer to build user interfaces, database connections and more by dragging and dropping components from the Tool Palette onto a form. Properties and events can be set via the Object Inspector and changes to properties such as font, color and size are immediately reflected in the design view.

The VCL for PHP component library combines the best of open source with the ease of visual development
Delphi for PHP utilizes an integrated PHP 5 class library called VCL for PHP. VCL for PHP is open source and accommodates virtually any PHP source code, framework, or library as designable and reusable visual components. Simply place the components into forms and use them in your applications. VCL for PHP components have built-in properties, methods, and events that make web interface development a snap. VCL for PHP is completely extensible, making it simple for you to develop new classes and components.

Get a comprehensive development environment that supports rapid PHP development
A sophisticated editor and debugger can make the normally frustrating process of tracking down bugs and errors in the code quick and painless. Delphi for PHP has a customizable source code editor that has color syntax highlighting, bookmarks to ease navigation through large files, and Code Insight to assist in the selection of properties and methods. The integrated debugger helps find and fix errors, view breakpoints, and local and global variables. And Delphi for PHP's new integrated profiler makes it simple to find performance bottlenecks in your PHP Web applications.


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